KliServ 2

KliServ2 is the current server-management system around the klimabox.

J-O. Technik Enterprise IoT-Systems

My name is Jan-Ole Giebel. I'm 16 jears old and I'm developing an IoT-System since the 8. grade.
This system is founding the fundamentals for a universal solution to succeed energy efficiency and enviromental monitoring. 

The Klimabox 4.1

Klimabox 4.1 Basic

Klimabox 4.1 LTE

Special thanks to u-blox and Sensirion for the professional help!

Klimabox 4.1 WiFi-Client / WiFi-AP

Klimabox 4.1 LoRa

Special thanks to

for the support!

You want to learn more?

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