KliServ-IoT 3

Next Generation IoT-Server

For an easy and professional entry into the IoT world

Variable Deployment

The hosting options for KliServ-IoT 3 are very variable, suitable for many use cases. Whether on your own servers OnPremise, in your own cloud or hosted by J-O. Technik. Everything is covered by KliServ-IoT 3.

Simple Operation

KliServ-IoT 3 is designed to be as easy to use as possible. Thus, even IoT newcomers, without previous experience in this area, are guaranteed an easy start and quick success!

Precise air quality monitoring

KliServ-IoT 3 in combination with the Klimabox 4 series, are the ideal partners for an accurate and high quality air quality monitoring, thanks to sensirions SCD41 miniature CO²-Sensor. With additional automation and, for example, electronic windows can thus automate ventilation.

Smart energy saving

The KliServ-IoT 3 automations together with e.g. smart plugs enable an uncomplicated solution for efficient energy saving. But not only smart plugs but also thermostats and much more can be controlled.

Functions of KliServ-IoT 3

Easy organization with buildings and rooms

Create a simple topological structure with your company buildings and rooms. All sensors and actuators are then assigned accordingly.

Detailed climate data view

Always have an overview of all measured values. Choose between different Klimaboxen, filter by date and time and download the data for more accurate analysis as a CSV file.

Control of actuators

Control actuators of any kind with KliServ-IoT 3. Be it smart plugs, smart relais or thermostats. The control view of a room allows this without further settings.

Graphical programming of automations

Create automations of your IoT components with a few clicks, save energy, ventilate on demand and automate much more.

KliServ-IoT 3 works out-of-the-box with

Connection of Klimaboxen WiFi-Client

Further administrative functionalities

User management

  • Create / delete users
  • Distribute rights
  • OnPremise: LDAP connectivity

LoRaWAN connection via
The Things Stack

  • Cloud variant of KliServ-IoT 3: Hosted by J-O. Technik
  • OnPremise: Self-Hosted
  • For the connection of Klimaboxen LoRaWAN, a LoRaWAN-Gateway is necessary

ZigBee connectivity through a KliServ-IoT-Hub

  • RaspberryPi based ZigBee-Hub
  • Easy setup and connection to KliServ-IoT 3
  • A KliServ-IoT-Hub is required for the connection of ZigBee devices

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