KliServ 2

What makes KliServ 2 so interesting?

KliServ 2 is the central cloud solution of the Klimabox system in the revised 2nd version. It allows the user to easily read and manage his climate data. In addition, KliServ 2 offers a notification service, through which users receive an e-mail notification when a configured CO² limit is reached in a room. 
KliServ 2 also stands out due to its simple user administration. You can assign individual rights to each user and thus distribute tasks around the Klimabox very easily.

New in KliServ 2 is not only the design but also the presentation of the climate data. All measured values are displayed as graphs and can be additionally downloaded as a .csv file for external analysis.

See for yourself!

How does KliServ 2 work?

KliServ 2 has a data input for the climate boxes. This data comes either directly from a Klimabox WiFi-Cl or from the thingstream Data flow Manager to which the Klimabox LTE is connected.
The incoming data is received by the KliServ 2 data management and stored in a source-specific database. Furthermore, the KliServ 2 e-mail notification service looks at the incoming data, analyses this data, and checks whether an e-mail has to be sent.

End users can view the climate data via the web dashboard, which retrieves the climate data from the database.

You want to learn more?

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